Mixed-Use Projects | 3T Construction Inc.

37-22 32nd St,
Long Island City, NY

Two new 7-story mix-used buildings:

82 Class A residential units
15,887 Square Feet of
Retail Space
Parking and accessory services

Shangri-La Astoria Inc.

TAN Architect P.C.

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East West Tower

Flushing NY

(Thirteen-Story Mix-use New Construction, 16 Community Facility, 88 Residential Units and 105 Parking Spaces): 95K Buildable SF

50M Investment 3 year turn around 30% Return

Sale Gross Top 3 in NY Queens Region, 80% Sold within six months of opening

62-41 Forest Ave,
Ridgewood, NY

A new 5-story mix-used building.

42 Apartments
4,998 square feet of
Commercial Space

1,247 square feet of
Community Facility Space

32,249 square feet of
Residential Space

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Rego Park Plaza

Rego Park, NY

(Seven-Story Mix-use New Construction, 8 Community Facility and 50 Residential Units): Around 60K Buildable SF. Completed. Rental Building

25M Investment 2 Year Turn around. 25% Return

Union Turnpike Mansion
Fresh Meadows, NY

(Four-story Mix-use New Construction, 21K SF of Retail Space, 51 Residential Units and 78 Parking Space): Over 60K Buildable SF. Completed. On the Market since January 2018. Over 75% Under Contract.

25M Investment 2 Year Turn around. 25% Return

Parsons Twin Tower

Fresh Meadows, NY

(3 Story Mixed Use New Construction) 4 Community Facility and 46 Residential Units

Expected August 2020

LIC Manor Condo

Long Island City, NY

(9 Story Mixed Use New Construction) 2 Commercial Offices and 32 Residential Units.

Expected February 2020

Shangri-La LIC Condo

Astoria, NY

(5 Story Mixed Use New Construction) 1 Community Facility and 63 Residential Units

Expected December 2019