Construction Services | 3T Construction Inc.

With the network and experience our leadership has accumulated throughout the years, we will find the best subcontractors to suit your individual needs.

Every contract will be rigorously managed and coordinated to get the most optimal results in the shortest time frame possible.

Even though we use the highest quality of materials for our projects, due to sourcing most of the materials from either contacts we’ve known for years or from ourselves, we are able to keep costs low while having premium products.

Utilizing the preliminary construction schedule, we will identify key milestones along with accessory tasks which we will monitor and update as things change. While impossible to strictly adhere to a schedule, we will not lose focus of our goals and will deliver within schedule.

There are many things a new owner should know before, during, and after construction. Our team will guide you through our journey together and make sure you are well prepared to receive your new property.

One of our key staff members is a procurement and expedite expert. There is nothing he cannot get.

With dedicated staff per project, your project will be in good hands.

As mentioned, we have a strong focus towards quality and will not cut corners in any regard. Using materials sourced from our network, we are able to provide quality goods at a lower price than others.

Our team will be on the job sites daily and should any unexpected changes occur, you will be updated immediately.

Utilizing the proper gear, training, and procedures, we guarantee that accidents rarely occur and if they do, will have minimal damage thanks to our safety programs. Safety is not something we’re willing to cut corners on.

With a set list of all our requirements, our contractors know what we expect and the standard we set for them. Thanks to our time spent in the pre-construction stage, we won’t need to worry about missing anything.

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