Preconstruction Services | 3T Construction Inc.

3T Construction will perform an assessment with engineering. This assessment will analyze the existing conditions of the space and determine the needs of the project. For example, HVAC electric and plumbing assessments will be made to determine whether they will be sufficient and work properly for their new uses.

We will do field to measure existing space and to produce digital files of layout. This initial layout will help clients visualize the space and ensure that there is sufficient space for all equipment, furnishings, and required accesses.

Our experienced staff will provide the highest level of quality at the lowest cost. A budget will then be produced based on the engineering assessment and schematic design. This budget will be based on comparable spaces, with estimates, and will not be necessary for a bid. Depending on the arrangement, a bid document will be prepared later based on both the construction documents and final designs. This step will also help in financing activities with lenders and banks.

A responsibility matrix can be developed to help identify deliverability of all parties when the projects move onto construction. In most cases, it determines the party providing the items, and the one installing it. For some projects, the contractors, clients, and building owners are the three parties with dependent moving parts. A clear picture ensures a smooth construction project with constant communication.

After most of the scope has been laid out, a schedule can be produced, but it will be dependent on final decisions being made. The preliminary schedule is more of a guideline to identify lead times and the sequence of construction. It can estimate the days to complete each construction task and help provide a rough idea of when the project could be completed.

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